RV Winterization Service by The RV Warehouse

Let us get your RV ready for winter storage

RV Winterization EventIt's that time of the year again... As the sun sets on a glorious summer, the time has come to start accepting the fact that this year’s summer camping has come to an end. Now is the time to pack up and clean out your RV in preparation for winter storage.

As you start planning to give your RV a well-earned rest until next year, remember to give it a thorough cleanup, both inside and out. Proper winterization of your RV mitigates many risks, including mold growth, frozen plumbing, and critter infestations to name but a few.

The RV Warehouse - RV Winterization Service


You can now save valuable time and money with our RV winterization service. We'll help you plan, inspect and winterize early so this year's RV winterizing is stress free.


Following the success of the past few year's Drive Through Winterization event, we're excited to announce that we'll be repeating it again this year.
*Saturday October 14th, 2017!*

As an RV owner, you already know the importance of winterizing your trailer, and you also know how long it can take. Then there's always that one thing you forget every year... However, RV winterization is our business, so we do it well, and we do it thoroughly without even unhooking if you come to our Drive Through Winterization event.

Simply drive your trailer into The RV Warehouse yard at 65 Reive Blvd, Cookstown on the day of the event – Saturday October 14th, 2017 and take advantage of our low, low drive-through RV winterization rates.

Can't make the event? No problem! You can still book an appointment at any time to winterize your RV at our regular Winterzation rates.

Terms and Conditions of our RV Winterization Service

  • Service duration depends on the size of your RV, inspection issues / troubleshooting, number of appliances etc.
  • Antifreeze is included in the price, however, taxes are extra.. Appliances including dishwashers, washing machines, ice makers and certain appliances are subject to additional pricing. 
  • All RV’s must have their holding and water tanks empty, as well as, have a hot water tank by pass kit installed. If not, additional charges will apply.


RV Storage and Additional Services at The RV  Warehouse

We also offer roof inspections, hot water tank service and a range of other RV services including Winter Storage. Call RV Warehouse today on (705) 458-4774 to book your service or stop by the event to make use of our awesome deal on RV Winterization Services.

Steps to RV Winterization – Some Things to Consider


Understanding the systems that make up your RV will help you prepare your vehicle for winter. The basic steps to RV winterization include:

  1. Washing the exterior of your RV.
  2. Cleaning the inside of your RV.
  3. Winterizing the plumbing lines using a non-toxic antifreeze.
  4. Covering the RV, tires and A/C.
  5. Disconnecting the batteries and propane bottles and storing them away from moisture.


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