RV Cleaning & Protection Products

for keeping your investment in tip-top shape

rv cleaning protecting productsLooking after your RV is crucial to keeping it in a great condition. Whether you plan on using it for a few years or forever, it pays to buy quality and specialized RV Cleaning & Protection Products that were formulated with your needs in mind.

The products you choose will depend on:

  • the materials used to manufacture your RV
  • your specific cleaning and maintenance needs
  • your cleaning preferences
  • and weather conditions.


Buying RV Cleaning & Protection Products

Apart from cotton cloths and a portable pressure washer, the RV Cleaning & Protection Products you will need may include the following cleaning products:

Protect Your RV:

...from mold and mildew
Dri-Z-Air -   This range of dehumidification products will keep your RV free from waterborne bacteria.

… from freezing temperatures

… holding tanks from bad odors
Holding tank treatment.

...from rodents

...from scrapes, scratches, bird droppings, tree saps and UV rays
waxes, sealants and protectants

...from a dirty windshield
Camco Rain Cutter Windshield Washer Fluid

We also stock a full range of Dometic D-Line Cleaning Products, which includes a range of Water Filters & Softeners and Roof cleaning items, as well as Captain Phab Products, which offer superb protection.

RV Cleaning & Roof Protection Products


When it comes to keeping a roof over your head, it pays to look after your roof. The roof cleaning and protection products you choose will depend on the type of roof with which your RV is equipped.

Some of Our Favourite RV Roof Care Products/Brands:

Some of our Go To items for EPDM/TPO Roofs: