Mouse Free


The RV Warehouse now brings you Mouse Free, because RVing should be stress free, worry free and most importantly, pest free.

When not in use, your RV becomes an ideal home to rodents, squirrels and insects. They enter through holes and gaps left to accommodate your utilities on the undercarriage of your RV, motorhome or trailer and that's why experts recommend that you re-seal your vehicle at least once a year to help guard against rodents and pests. These critters can cause untold amounts of damage to your RV when they gnaw through wood, fabric, and cabling. However, Mouse Free is a unique formula, proudly brought to you by RV Warehouse, which helps to stop mice from entering into your RV. 

With Mouse Free, you can rest assured that your RV is kept in the best condition possible, protecting your wood and upholstery and your wiring. Rodent damage is one of the top 5 most common RV-related insurance claims, particularly when it comes to gnawing through plastic or rubber hoses, and electrical wires. They can also pose a threat to your family, as rodents carry disease. 

What Is Mouse Free?

Mouse Free is a non-drip lubricating coating, scented with 100% natural essential oils. It is applied to the undercarriage of your RV to repel rodents in two powerful ways:

The scent of the essential oils is overwhelming to mice with their acute sense of smell, thus driving them away from your RV.

The coating is too slippery for rodents, squirrels and even insects to travel across, thus keeping them out.
There are many ways in which you can keep your RV mouse free, ranging from mouse traps to poison, moth balls, scented dryer sheets, steel wool stuffed in access holes, or cotton balls scented with peppermint, but Mouse Free is a natural, convenient alternative. It works on a large scale by preventing entry, it is humane and leaves no trace. 

Protect your family and your investment. Speak to RV Warehouse today about Mouse Free - (705) 458-4774. View the Mouse Free website for more information. 


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