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Another camping season is coming to an end, which means that it's time for winterization of RVs in preparation for winter storage. How well you prepare your RV for storage, will determine how easy you will be able to take it out of storage again and get it ready for camping, come spring.

Why Winterization of RV Plumbing System?


The water system is one of the most crucial aspects of winterization of RVs, as it is prone to damage from freezing temperature exposure and it is also one of the most important functioning parts of the trailer. Frozen water lines are not uncommon during winter, and it can lead to more costly damage.


When the weather starts to heat up after winter, many RV owners complain about the bad smells emanating from their RV holding tanks. Instead of buying expensive septic tank chemicals (Note:  The holding tanks work differently to septic tanks and those chemicals will do more harm than good.), simply dissolve 2 cups of water softener in a gallon of hot water and pour it down the drain while the drain valve is closed after you have emptied the tanks. You could use holding tank treatment.


Likewise, ice can damage your water system, because frozen water expands, which can cause pumps to fail, tanks to rupture and pipes to split. Applying antifreeze is not difficult:

Drain the system by evacuating remaining water using compressed air. Pump antifreeze through the system. Or let the folks at The RV Warehouse do it with our Winterization service. As always, If you're unsure as to how to do it, speak to your The RV Warehouse service professionals.


We want to encourage you to bring your RV to The RV Warehouse so that we can winterize your RV water heater. It is something that should not be attempted by anyone other than a trained, experienced specialist.


We will do the following


If you bring us your trailer, the grey tank has to be empty and the water tank emptied. We will only empty the fresh water tank and the RV water heater (we will winterize the hot water tank). It is up to the customer to empty black and grey tanks as well as flushing their own tanks before bringing it in for service. Then we will go through the entire trailer and winterize all the outlets, showers and baths. If there is a problem, we are responsible so you don’t have to worry about winterization system.


Your RV plumbing system will be fully winterized before you drive off our lot. While you're here, why don't you let us handle the full winterization?


Our full winterization package includes inspection of issues and troubleshooting, appliances etc.


Certain conditions apply: Antifreeze is included in the price, however, taxes are extra. Appliances including dishwashers, washing machines, ice makers and certain appliances are subject to additional pricing.  All RV’s must have their holding and water tanks emptied and have a hot water tank bypass kit installed.


Need more info? Don't hesitate to call us on (705) 458-4774.