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End the season with these amazing RV summer cleaning tips


RV Summer CleaningAs summer draws to a close, it's time to give your RV a proper clean up. Of course, we all enjoy the open road and camping much more than the cleaning, which is why we've compiled some of the quickest, easiest hacks to get your coach spick and span in no time.


RV Summer Cleaning Hacks for Your Carpets


Use inside shoes - Grease and oil on the pavement sticks to the soles of your shoes. Sand and grit sticks to the oil and when you walk across the carpet, it all rubs off, grinding the sand deep into the fibers of the carpet. Before you know it, your carpet needs replacement. Leave your outside shoes near the top step and change into indoor shoes that never leave the RV.


Vinegar wash - It takes only 3 weeks from shampooing the carpet (and not rinsing thoroughly!) to attract more dirt. Use a carpet shampooer with to wash the carpet using 1/2 a cup of distilled vinegar per gallon of water. This will reactivate the shampoo residue on the carpet, allowing you to pull out the dirt. Give it another rinse with plain water.


Remove stains - Use an organic cleaner to remove stains and remember to leave it on for at least 5 minutes to activate. Use a 1:4 vinegar and water solution to blot and rinse the cleaner, which will otherwise remain in the carpet, causing the stain to reappear.


Remove tough stains - Blood, red dye, red wine and animal stains can be hard to remove. Mix a solution of 50% hydrogen peroxide and 50% water. First do a spot test on a small area for 5 minutes, before rinsing it with 1:3 vinegar to water solution.


RV Summer Cleaning Hacks for Your Hard Floors


Hard floors - Avoid microfiber mops and disinfectants as they scratch, pit and destroy the remove the protective coating on your floors. 100% cotton towels and water are a better option.


Wood and laminated floors - Mix 1/3 cup distilled white vinegar per gallon of water and dampen your towel in it. Wring out all the excess water and mop your laminate or wooden floors with that.


Linoleum floors - Mix a 1:10 vinegar and water solution and mix with a drop of CleanEZ.


RV Summer Cleaning Hacks for Your Bathroom


Toilet odors - Use an enzyme cleaner to eat away at the odor-causing bacteria, unless you have used a chemical cleaner to clean it before. Chemicals destroy the enzymes. You can also sprinkle baking soda onto your toilet brush before giving the bowl a good scrub.


Rust and hard water stains - Use half a lemon dipped in baking soda to erase stains around your toilet or taps.


Showers - Dip cotton coils in hydrogen peroxide and position it over any mold in tile grout. Leave it overnight and you will wake up to a perfectly mold-free bathroom. You can use this tip in the kitchen too.


RV Summer Cleaning Hacks for Your Kitchen


Remove everything - When cleaning out your refrigerator, be sure to remove everything that might go off. Wipe all the racks and shelves down with a 1:3 vinegar and water solution.

Leave the door open -  Switch off your refrigerator and leave the door open to remove odors. You could also place a bowl of coffee grounds in the refrigerator for a pleasant smell.


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