ADCO Tire Covers and Gards

Protect your tires all year round with ADCO tire covers and gards
ADCO Tire CoversADCO tire covers and gards are inexpensive, but they offer much protection for your RV tires all year round. Covering your tires and putting them on wheel chocks or wooden planks will help prevent cold, moisture and melting snow from causing your tires to become brittle and crack. During spring,  ADCO tire covers and gards can prevent the harmful rays of the sun from resulting in dry rot, particularly at higher elevations.

Since we use our RVs less frequently than we do our cars, the emollients inside the rubber of our RV tires don't distribute as much through the compound. It's those emollients that prevent the tires from being damaged.

Introducing ADCO Tire Covers and Gards

ADCO tire covers and ADCO Tyre Gards are made to the high standard with which you have become accustomed from the leader in RV accessories.

ADCO tire covers are available in sizes A-J (27"-34") and in a range of popular prints, solid covers, dealer logo prints, camouflage and diamond plated embossing.

ADCO tire gards have a super heavy duty vinyl construction and are designed to look and feel like diamond plated steel. It uses a rear strap and buckle to secure it to the back, and a elasticized rear seam for a snug fit. It is UV and cold crack treated and carry a 3 year warranty. Sizes vary from 30" - 40" and options are available for bus, XL and multi axle double and triple options.

Always speak to a RV Dealer, RV Parts dealer or RV Service Department like The RV Warehouse if you are unsure how to perform proper tire care. We are not responsible if you do the above on your own. These are only tips from The RV Warehouse. For best results ask our service or parts staff at The RV Warehouse for advice on the best parts and service for your application. We recommend calling an experienced RV Dealer, Parts or Service Advisor to assist you with all your RV needs. Call The RV Warehouse at 705.458.4774.

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