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ADCO RV Covers:  Everything You Need to Protect Your Investment

ADCO RV CoverOnce you've had your RV winterized, it is time to complete the process by putting your trailer into storage. But before you do that, ensure that you've put your RV covers to the best use. After all, you want to be sure that, when spring rolls around, your RV is still in perfect condition. RV covers add that extra layer of protection to your winterization process. See our RV Care Online Catalogue.

Why You Need to Invest in RV Covers


It makes sense to use RV covers if your RV will be stored outside, but even when you place it in storage, the covers can help keep leaves, bugs and dust out.

RV covers are a reasonably inexpensive investment, which can save you thousands in repairs. Damage is inevitable when your RV endures long term exposure to the harsh elements. If your RV's exterior is damaged and requires window treatment, roof repair or a new paint job when spring rolls around, it will cost you unnecessary money - money that could go towards your first camping trip of the new season.

Invest in RV covers this year and save yourself time, money and effort. RV covers can help in many ways:

  • keep your RV looking great for years
  • reduce the amount of exterior washes required
  • eliminate potential damage
  • prevent streaks
  • maintain its resale value


3 RV Cover Factors to Consider

When you decide to buy an RV cover, consider these three factors:

Type - Different RVs will require different covers. Find a cover that suits your vehicle's body type, namely travel trailer, truck camper, motorhome, etc. Additionally, there are different covers for uses including tire covers, windshield covers and roof covers.

Size - An RV cover should fit snugly against the body of your vehicle as a loose cover will invite critters to make your motorhome their house. Measure properly, including the storage racks on the back, mirrors, ladders and bumpers.

Material - Climate dictates the fabric you use. ADCO RV Covers produce a range of products in a range of materials.

Introducing the ADCO RV Covers Range


The RV Warehouse offers a range of roof top covers, universal and custom covers, motorhome covers, 5th wheel covers, and travel trailers and folding camping trailer covers by ADCO Products, Inc.

ADCO Products, Inc. was the winner of the 2014 Motorhome Readers Choice Award and 2014 Trailer Life Readers Choice Awards. In addition to their universal and custom configuration RV covers, ADCO Covers specializes in covers for propane cylinders, air-conditioning units, and RV tires.

RV Care, in partnership with ADCO ensures that you receive maximum protection with every purchase you make. Read more about our RV Care Program.

RV Covers - Universal


The exterior of your RV is vulnerable to sunlight, rain, temperature fluctuations as well as various debris such as bird droppings, falling leaves or sticks. These elements can all damage your RV's exterior, which is why you need an RV cover.

Universal RV covers - Choose from Dupont Tyvek Designer series, SFS AquaShed (for moderate to moderately moist climates and short term storage) or 100% Polypropylene, created by the company that invented Universal RV covers and has sold over 20 million covers with the industry's best warranty.

RV covers for your rooftop - Block 99.8% of damaging UV rays, protecting your interior and exterior from fading. A rooftop cover can keep your RV cooler in summer by reflecting sunlight while providing superior water resistance. Resist tree sap, bird droppings and acid rain and keep 98% of dust and dirt particles from damaging the surface of your RV.

RV covers for your tires - Tire covers protect the material of your tires from dust, dirt, rust and UV deterioration.
RV windshield covers - Not only do windshield covers keep rain, dust, bird droppings and tree sap away from your windshield, but it can help lessen the impact of falling objects that may cause cracks and chips in the glass.
RV A/C covers - Heavy-duty jersey-backed vinyl covers protect your RV air conditioner while it is not in use.
RV propane tank covers - Protect your propane tank from rust, dust and damage with a photo-realistic camouflage that makes your LP tank virtually disappear.
Mirror and wiper covers - Protect your wipers and mirrors from premature aging with super heavy duty vinyl covers.

Other accessories available from ADCO RV Covers, include solar vent covers, rear bike travel covers and various accessories.

Our brands pages will give you a good idea of what we stock and give you access to brand-specific inventory, giving you better insight into our inventory. Our RV parts page has links to two RV parts & accessory catalogs, and our service page has all the information you'd need to book a service appointment, or for last minute winterization appointments. see our RV Care Online Catalogue.